Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn 1987 Part 3

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"Vice to meet you."
"It looks great on the mantlepiece."
a chainsaw was murdered in that cupboard
"Stop sawing yourself, stop sawing yourself!"
"Hey I've struck oil!"
"Go body go!"
well, no 'arm done
The Girlfriend that Wouldn't Die
"The amazing thing is, this isn't the worst headache I've ever had!"
Aw man, you had a perfectly good idea and now you've sprayed blood all over it
"Well I'll be having nightmares about that for the rest of my life."
He has a magic gun
Where'd he purchase that?
"You wouldn't hurt, an old, weak harmless little rocking chair would you dear?"
"Well, now for a quick session with THE MIRROR OF MOCKERY!"
"Marry me!"
"How tacky, you know as well as I do that they only way to cut up a girlfreind is with a nice sharp hedge trimmer!"
"Stop strangling yourself, stop strangling yourself!"
"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the grooviest one of all?"
he must have had the sugar
"Got yer face!"
"I'm right handed, you'll pay for this!"
"We're hunting wild cameramen."
"We'll give you 50 bucks now, and the rest when we get to Alderan."
having tried everything to cure his hand of evil Ash resorts to using the kitchen sink
"AH, my favourite plate!"
"AH, my other favourite plate!"
"Actually I hated that one so you've done me a favour really!"
"Stop using this joke, stop using this joke!"
what has his hand got against crockery nyway?
"Woops, I killed him."

Capped by KKDW

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