Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dougal and the Blue Cat - Part 5

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"An explosion in a blue paint factory."
"That's because I can't!"
"I hope you don't mind me leaving a slime trail on your canvas."
"I need to make smarter freinds."
Since when do snails have teeth?
You're an idiot
.oO Oh I should do Shakespeare one day
"But unfortunately I lost my copy of the script!"
"and Brian."
"He's probably going to tear it up to lay down a patio!"
"Trouble is, I don't have any hands so one of you will have to do it for me while I dictate."
"Someone has to be dotty in this place."
"Didn't I ever tell you about my secret stash of W.M.Ds?"
and because he's a cat, he can't get down!
"Oh wait, I said that bit already!"
Buxton's colour also caused him to be rejected from RADA
"Here I match some of the scenery."
"You damn racist!"
"Hello, remember us?"
"I'm being chased by weird boingy noises!"
"I can't find it now, I'm too busy taking a wizz behind this tree!"
"What did you say Buxton?"
"Oh er..nothing."
Oh god not this bit again!
"You are all tone death."
An entire army of siamese triplets
.oO Maybe I should recruit some Blue Meanies into my army instead of those weird toilet roll things
He's the leader because there's only one of him
"Ha, we get the easy one!"

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