Monday, November 30, 2009

Dougal and the Blue Cat - Part 3

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Windy Miller
Windy Miller
Half a pile of corn ♪
"Except in August, August is a bit rubbish."
"You can find it wandering around somewhere."
"Meh, I see blue cats everyday. It's the drugs you see, they make me see things like that."
"All that name has got going for it is some nice alliteration."
"Oh come on, I can a very good Tony Blair voice."
Because you see, there aren't any hotels in this fact that aren't even that many buildings in general.
Yes he has plenty of room because he lives outside!!!
Why do I get the feeling that the narrator is going to sing again under the pretence that it's the characters singing?
"Oh you might want to evict the cuckoo clock at some point."
"With an attractive lady cat for company."
"Because we don't want Dougal to be p*ssed off at the new guy you see."
Well you see Florence, when a mummy blue cat and a daddy blue cat love each other very much...
She wondered if she should vote Conservative at the next election
Yes, but it was just the dramatic music. Ignore it and go back to sleep.
.oO Why I am saying all this out loud?
and now it's Sleeping Beauty
if you're two beings obsessed with the colour blue why is your headquaters in a pink building?
"I've been revising my history for days.
"It's a maths test."
"Oh b*gger!"
"You won't be able to get into university."
Wait...what's a death threat doing in the Magic Rounbabout?
see, this is why this plot wouldn't work with a dog...they're colourblind!
Hary Potter and the Deathly Hallows
"Hurray for genetic engineering."

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