Sunday, November 22, 2009

Titanic: The Animated Movie (Part 4)

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Actually, it's just one of those "came with the frame" pictures.
A Bedouin?
Great, back to the annoying "C" plot...
"That means 'dressed like an extra from Aladdin,' right?"
What color are their hands now?
I don't want to see these two "working" anybody or anything.
He's sort of a Clumsy Dodger...
Hah-hah, he's got rabies now.
Her dialogue has lapped itself...
"Yo quiero new skull."
She makes Jessica Rabbit look waifish.
"Great, now I have to surrender to the galley."
"Thank you, Officer Ricky Martin."
"Your wrinkled face is frightening me."
"What's the worst that could happen?"
Stockard Channing's their navigator?
Ah, a night establishing shot. Nice change of pace.
Man of 1 1/2 Faces
Luigi was on the Titanic?
"Crap, she's singing again..."
So the Titanic voyage was basically an extended wedding reception...
"I had my nails manicured for nothing!"
I remember meeting her like it was yesterday. Actually, it was this morning...
*sigh* She had such a way with opening that door...
And her can looked so fine when she leaned against that railing...
Come on, we didn't like this scene the first time!
Can they die of hypothermia three or four times, please?
Wow, Juliet's setting off a whole bunch of nuclear devices today...
Gaah, his flashbacks are having flashbacks!
When does the waitstaff start dancing?
"This is our only reaction shot."
*gasp* She put her hair up!
"Time to go be French."
So, bad songs and cleavage. That's all this movie does well.
They're getting a nice piano sound out of that string quartet.
"Hey, that's MY Cracker Jack prize!"
"I'm going to bang her on the stateroom balcony. Don't tell anyone."
"Come on, let's go to the piano bar instead..."
o/...Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Blandy and the Beast...o/
"Hey, I'm singing here!"
I think she's Jem's great-great-aunt.
You know what this ship needs? A bingo night.
You don't need to point us to your boobs; they're pretty obvious...
One of the great 80s pop hits of 1912...
Pepe le Smug
"Let's go make out in one of the lifeboats!"
"Alan Golder!"
"I know because it was me! Er, I mean..."
"Um, ah...did I mention I'm French?"
Now could you slap him too?
"Butter my buns and call me a biscuit!"
"I was going to save it for dessert!"
"And did absolutely nothing about it."
"Even my accent's fake!"
"Yes, dear, now excuse me while I throw myself into the ocean..."
If I hold you and never let you go, will you stop singing that bloody song?
Look out, the ocean is Dutch tilting!
"God, no matter where we go that damn singer follows us!"
"It felt like I was fingering you all night..."
"It's kind of a letdown, really."
"That's just the way I like it, baby."
"I'm only interested in your money!"
"I once killed a man to watch him die!"
"I'm really a dude!"
"Just wait, I want to time this with the crescendo of the music..."
"Grandma, get out of my room!"
Geez, it's like a medieval bedding ceremony; everybody's watching them get it on...
Not so much kissing as shoving their faces together.
"That's better, now I can't see them..."
"A night to remem--whoops, wrong movie..."
The characters only have five sound files apiece.
"Hey, who turned off the pop ballad?"
"No way, you're MY fuckbuddy now."
"Is anyone else seeing a hyperactive rodent in a cardigan?"
This is why they're not allowed at Pier One anymore.
"Oh man, I'm on a bad trip..."
"Ugly people getting hurt is funny!"
"The plague's on the house this time."
Thanks, random voice-over...
And now the band from The Aristocats? What's next, is Ariel going to help people to the lifeboats?
Remember these characters? They're in our movie!
Walt Disney is spinning in his cryo-chamber fast enough to light up Anaheim at this point.
Oh, get bent-sto.
Lame party, but the stock clips are excellent.
I never thought I'd say it, but bring back the rapping dog!
A tribute concert for the Frito Bandito.
Casa Bonita is more authentically Mexican than these guys!
He's the Tito Puente of the dog world.
"Fine, we'll talk, just don't sing anymore!"
"Like some earplugs?"
He's wearing Marge Simpson's necklace.
"The bars ARE wide enough for you to walk through, after all.."
"And that's my only line."
Yeah? Well, you look like an obese tiger...
Yeah, taco grande, whatever...
When do the Three Caballeros show up?
Oh, quit showing off!

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