Sunday, May 2, 2010

Romeo and Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss Part 6

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"Wait, is gravity still in effect?"
So Mercutio dies through his own stupidity. This just gets better and better!
Hurray! o/...Ding dong the witch is dead...o/
Even the cruise ships rejoice at Mercutio's passing.
Maybe if you did something other than stand there and whimper "Romeo!" it might prove useful...
"We've dreamt of this day for so long..."
"'When I walk around you, I get lost!'--now I get it!"
"Can I get you some industrial-strength Sudafed?"
Ever seen a chihuahua barking at a St. Bernard? Same concept.
Unfortunately, they were fighting right on top of Eyjafjallajokul...
Sweet, maybe if we're lucky the annoying brat fish will get taken out too!
"Romeo!--Try to land on the Prince, he's soft!"
The Denver Broncos Lagoon
If the rest of this movie is characters dying one by one, maybe there's hope...
Dibs on his pelt.
"Maybe we should check to see if they're actually dead.."
"Nah, too much trouble."
"My only heir is dead!...On the plus side, I have an excuse to get a trophy wife now!"
Or the taxidermist?
"Shoot, and before I could take out a life insurance policy on him!"
"Dammit!...Uh, I mean, you're alive, yay!"
"I would have looked TERRIBLE in mourning!"
This kid's movie comes with random commentary from a five-year-old already inserted!
From Here to Stupidity
"Seriously, get a reef, you two!"
....Please DON'T pan down.
"Dammit, we're NEVER going to get to consummate our relationship!"
"You know there's a rule against sex on the beach!"
"Because you wait,, just leave, all right?"
"Everyone remembers why we call it Shark Island, right? Good."
Don't worry, it's only a name. Shark Island is actually a peninsula.
"...As long as you're going to Shark Island, can you get me one of those neat shark's tooth necklaces?"
"Oh no, an insurmountable three inch high obstacle!"
"The three hours we've spent together have been the happiest of my life!"
"Call me if you need anything, or decide to fake your death or something, all right?"
"Maybe I could follow him into exile...naaaah, don't want to get my fur wet."
"Okay, if you say so."
"I am NOT going to lose my deposit on the caterer!"
"What would Ophelia do?"
Hey, Shark Island lost weight!
Could someone buy these characters some irises?
"It's not FAIR! Curse my unparalleled beauty for making all men desire me!"
"Must the irritating supporting cast haunt me wherever I go?"
"Wow, it really was a stupid relationship..."
Her memory needs a continuity editor.
Montague, Montague...Hey, that would make a good base for a techno song...
"Any more significant landmarks I can run past?"
"So, should we end the feud?"
"Nah, nobody's died...well, Mercutio, but he doesn't count."
o/...Be prepaaaaaared...o/
Krakatoa cloned itself!
Ew, no hip bumps please.
Featuring the Care Bear Stars Chorus!
So much for the villain getting a good song...
I suppose "ridiculous-looking" is a style, of sorts...
Hey, don't go dragging Gilbert and Sullivan down with you!
Technically you can't conceal what's non-existent, so...
"I got it from a banana!"
"But it's just baby fat, really."
Maybe if you didn't eat everyone who disagreed with you...
"Well, you know what they say about guys with big noses..."
Hey, this is encouraging kids to go hot potting! Won't someone please think of the children?!
Wow, elephant seals can bathe in lava. There's something they never mentioned on Animal Planet.
"Plus there's a crushing pressure in my chest and my left flipper's numb...oh sh--"
Nothing like a magma enema for clearing out the bowels!
Rough waters in the CGI Bay tonight...
So, why "Shark Island," anyway? They could have just as easily called it "Dolphin Island" or "Orca Island" or "Generic Dorsal Fin Island"...
Okay, I think the shot is well and truly established now...
o/...Someday I'll be part of your woooooorld...o/
.oO(I should have brought a magazine.)
Oh great, hasn't he suffered enough?
"Perhaps it's not so bad...I mean, how long can banishment last, really?"
.oO(Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go bother someone else...)
"Most days I pray for oil spills."
"It makes my fins all pruney."
"I'll be your wife if it'll make you feel better."
Why don't you go tell him that, then?
I'm glad it didn't suggest a spanking.
...Gaaah, that's just as bad if not worse!
Simba...Simba...oh sorry! Um, could either of you tell me the quickest way to Africa?
Go cry, emo seal.
o/...Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me...o/
"Whatever, I couldn't possibly be more depressed than I am right now."
"...Never mind, I was wrong."
Actually, this is the best song in the score so far.
.oO(There's no other food on this rock, I guess it'll have to do...)
Hey, I see the route to Neverland...
Awww, poor Ray...*sniffle*
"Say, do you know 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'?"
"Ew, cooties!"
And it's promptly eaten by a barracuda.
"For leaving."
Hey, there's a whale flying overhead!
"The great taste of cream cheese with only half the fat?"
"And he didn't invite me to go with?"
"I have bingo!"
"You'll just have to spiritually enlighten yourself!"
This is very subtle, but I'm getting the impression Friar Laurence doesn't know what to say to this.
"Just think of Romeo as a starter marriage..."
"Even though this goes against all Catholic laws for marriage, you have no choice!"
"We'll just call the Romeo thing a mulligan."
"What, you're not going to threaten to off yourself right now? You're taking this better than I expected..."
The music's stuck in tremolo...
.oO(I've got it! Cherry flavored host for kids!)
"My magical chafing dish might have a solution!"
That baptismal font is WAY overdue for a cleaning.
He looks like the Lorax after Weight Watchers.
"We'll hold a bake sale!"
Why does the kindly priest get a more sinister song than the villain?

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