Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The King and I, Part 9

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"Um, my eyes are up HERE..."
Wait, when did he convert to Christianity?
"Not to you, though, since you're a stinking heathen polygamist..."
Well, that's par for the course for this movie.
Lemme check....yep, there in the corner, you can see the last little bit of her self-respect flying out the window.
"In my pants!"
"Shoo, you bother me."
"Like it? I had to evict the Banks family and their prissy nanny, but it was worth it..."
"You have adequately fulfilled my minimum expectations, you wonderful man!"
"What with the whole whipping servants to death and all..."
"Plus we still need to reference the iconic image of this musical."
"A queen, on the other hand..."
"Which reminds me, do you know where Sir Edward is?"
"Come on, we've got nothing left to do for the rest of the movie!"
"Do you have any beer barrels?"
Cover yourself, woman! Have you no shame?
No, no, not like that, you look like you're marking territory!
"That's right, pretend you're crushing the spirits of the oppressed masses!"
Please, please say goodnight and mean goodbye right now.
Is she hallucinating again?
o/...And wearing each other's underweeeear...o/
"I was thinking more unresolved sexual tension, but that doesn't scan with the lyrics."
Yes, you shall. Get on with it!
He dances like a six-year-old at a wedding.
Dancing With the Pacific Rim Monarchs
"To the dungeon!"
"We should have done this earlier in the movie!"
Okay, it's WAY too late to be building up romantic tension for these two...
"Ooooh, your scepter is so big..."
Okay, you just rotoscoped Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr, admit it!
"Careful, don't slip on the Dutch tilt!"
Do you suppose they rent out this room for bar mitzvahs?
The camera's hoping to sneak away while they're distracted.
The King loved dancing so much, he had a disco ball installed in the royal pavilion!
And they all lived inaccurately ever after.
What are you waiting for, an invitation? Cut to black, already!
Couldn't you have got them a nice park bench, or one of those bricks at DisneyWorld?
I always wonder what these "special thanks" people did that was so special. Late night beer runs? Pet sitting? Sexual favors?
Oooh, bad use of the family fortune, Richie.
Bakalian? Isn't that that Middle Eastern dessert with the flaky layers?
The one part of this movie that did not completely suck balls, ladies and gentlemen.
Gary Barber of Fleet Street
Wait...is this Streisand? Haven't we suffered enough?
Completely Ripped Apart and Desecrated by
Oh great, TWO Babses. That's an extra level of Hell right there.
Guy Who Watched Everyone Else Do the Hard Work
Please, please, please don't put out a contract on us.
Well, at least they gave Richardson a voice double, which makes them smarter than Joel Schumacher.
Darrell Hammond now tops the Asian American Association's most wanted list.
o/...This is the Armi Arabe...o/
Mark's brother Mike got teased a lot in school.
At least half of the "Is forbidden!" lines were pure Brian Nissen.
Wow, a LOT of hard work went into dragging the score through the mud.
What's the point of putting pop single recordings at the end of kids' movies, anyway? Nobody ever listens to them; they're too busy hauling the little rugrats to the theater bathroom...
And whose idea was it to list every single friggin' song in the credits, anyway? You've already told us who wrote the music and the names of the people who sang it...
Oh, she's singing about John Madden.
"Character Design"? Don't you mean "Characters Copied from the 1956 Movie By"?
Heh heh, these guys, what a bunch of characters, the life of the party...
"Canuck Creations"? South Park was right, we should blame Canada!
Now these guys, they don't put themselves forward much, they just kind of hang around...
Oddly enough. Young Kyu Rhim is the oldest member of his family.
I tried to call Hanho, but they kept disconnecting me.
And now, the Underpaid Korean Animators! Give them all a big round of applause!
And these are the guys who are kind of transitioning from job to job right now....
Let's see, I'll have the Yee Hyun Suk with Seo You Mi sauce...
o/...Sung Song blue, everybody knows one...o/
It's a nice day, why not take the kids to Mi Hee Park?
When in Kowloon, visit COLORLAND!
Mi Jung, Nam Hee, and...Susanna?
Poor Bijay couldn't understand why his new American friends kept teasing him...
Hey, underpaid Indian artists! Good to know all the outsourcing bases were covered on this film.
If they gave the last names of the Indian artists, the credits would be twice as long.
And now China? How many countries donated man-hours to this turkey turd?
Elektra Shock: "Surprise Dad, your daughter has the hots for you!"
Ajish and Kumar Went to Animation School
These are the Hindi equivalents of "Alan Smithee."
Finally, the crescendo of the music, that means the credits are almost over!
It's too costly to buy my film every day, I just bring mine from home.
Dancers? You're telling me the strippers for the wrap party get a production credit too?
Ah, Chris. I'm familiar with his airport.
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