Sunday, October 17, 2010

Perversion for Profit (1965) (Part 4 of 4)

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Who better than ageing busybodies to decide what we can think, after all?
"...or our precious bodily fluids."
Ty Law, Jude Law, Frederick Law Olmstead...
"Court calls the Dirty Pied Piper of Hamlin."
"HEY! Wake up down there, steno!"
Whoa, man!
Even gingers agree.
So, happily, then?
"Whaaat?" "I can't hear!" "Huh?" "Speak up, sonny!" "Is this Matlock?"
The Pied Piper must be pushing 80, if this is a jury of his peers.
↑             ↑             ↑             ↑
↑             ↑                   ↑
Truly, these are some happening contemporary mofos.
"Guilty! Burn this 'Rodin' cocksucker!"
Smut trials always draw a BIG crowd!
Or are these alternates for the jurors who die?
"...and then he took off his glasses."
I'm from rural America. Shooting up while pregnant isn't below our community standards.
Does it make my wee-wee tingle?
Would you have sex on your living room table?
Do you want to?
Do you do that anyway?
What if it were a Scouting fundraiser?
LOTS of it!
And the legal colloid.
"You, as a lonely nut job?"
"Babysitters especially. Mmm...."
Introduce them to the vague, repressed, unsatisfying "sex scenes" of D.H. Lawrence.
"Gee, Todd, you always take me to the best goddamn places."
United Offshore Consolidated Brand Holdings Corporation LLC
Nude tennis players?
"Nurrrr, there's dirty magazines fer sale at the-"        

        "Don't call the police again, Mr. Rumblech."
Popes, admins, cowboys...
Surely nothing says "I'm a member of the majority" like a Letter to the Editor.
"Hey, do you guys like Franzen?"

...awaken...arouse..., vigorous..., vigorous...unit...
Commercial Drivers License?
Imagine how stuffed full of smut that box must have been over the preceding few weeks.
A decay called redundancy.
This section does not cite any references or sources.
Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.
(And a bunch of Deists.)
Then why doesn't our Constitution mention God or religion, except to specifically separate it from the state?
"It's... somewhere in the middle."
Put a little love in your heart...
I say, put a little love in your heart!
"...and into the horrors of repression."
And the world...
...will be a better place!
And the WORLD... !
PUT a little LOVE in your heeeeeeeeeart!
...OR IS IT?!

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