Saturday, September 4, 2010

Perversion For Profit (1965) (Part 3 of 4)

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"It burns well..."
My diary!
Dan Quinn's Ishmael?
(There are two crap sequels.)
You have a terrible science fair project.
But how did it go otherwise?
Ahh. The sin of pride...
I texted, "LOL MRDRD OLD MAN??.? SUP W U?"
Or, played a fair amount of Street Fighter II Alpha anyway.
[*ED- Is that what the kids say? "Cooled?" ***DELETE THIS** **]
He won a sculling race by rowing an old man?
Kid tested. Motherf*cker approved.
Oh George Putnam, you missed your calling.
M is for marijuana. The author is making up lingo.
H is for heroine. David Bowie is scary.
Plus it's hard to snort a horse.
He's really getting into this...
Even if it's a girly bike.
Brainier than Margaret Warner?
"...or Gilligan."
Oh, and I hear lots of people get their kicks on Route 66 too.
Shakespeare made it work.
Shakespeare made that work too.
"More from Bill O'Reilly's Those Who Trespass next week."
"F*ck Alaska."
And you've succeeded.
"...a purple elephant."
Seriously. There were some great tits in the last two segments.
But it can be yours at the $150 level.
Call 1-800-PUT-PORN to make a pledge!
"The O'Reilly Factor, for instance."
Not really, no.
( DAMN erection! )
Nor want to.
So stop exposing your children!
"...and need a scapegoat."
Always have a licensed jeweler verify your birth.
Better not tell Aneurism Dad what the Pentagon spends.
"...but in coupons."
How does porn cancel comprehensive sex ed programs?

(But you know a few people are bragging.)
"Much like me."
It's sweet that he's concerned about them.
"...and average waist-height..."
(Currently dying in Vietnam.)
It's a good thing correlation equals causation.
"...sass, back talking..."
Vice Magazine! There it is!                            
You never studied.
...mostly father.
Maybe a little... too interested. Especially the clergy.
"...or would you rather they just fapped?"
", geological..."
Canyons of butt crack! Seas of santorum!
Friday & Saturday only at Le Shed
You mean dating?

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