Saturday, March 5, 2011

The King and I, Part 5

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"Who am I kidding, I got this thing in a Cracker Jack box!"
"I thought we weren't into the whole killing elephants for ivory thing..."
"Shhhhut uuuuuuuup!"
"Just take it; if I keep it the animators will just forget to draw it in again."
"And I choose Kate Middleton!"
Okay, are you sure a few pages from Fiddler on the Roof didn't get mixed in with the script?
"When you're eighteen, you're out the door"?
"And for my animation to get back on model."
Oh, you mean your Excedrin headache?
Why does he have a tether-ball on a stick?
My thoughts exactly, Evil Dude.
Set up pratfall, and...
Pratfall AWAY!
"Yes, yes, it's coming to me...I'm getting October 8th, someone here lost someone or had something important happen on October 8th..."
Oh, here we go, the whole "we respected our elders and nobody locked their doors and politicians were HONEST, dammit!" speech.
"And I have the batch to prove it!"
o/...I'm actiiiiiing!...o/
"My sister banged Kirk, you know."
"Hand me my top hat, Rama!"
"Um, sir, do you need me to call a doctor, or..."
"Oh my God, it's the worst CGI I've ever seen!"
Just for comparison, this movie came out in the same year as Toy Story 2.

o/...Ah ah ah ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive!...o/
Red light!
Green light!
Seriously, did he just not see that the statues were in a completely different place all of the sudden?
I think this is the CGI equivalent of Ralph Bakshi rotoscoping...
"Dude, what the fuck? Do you apes have NO peripheral vision whatsoever?"
I guess the stairs are just painted into the floor, then.
The Horror of Party Beach and I
o/-klahooma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!...o/
"Now is NOT the time for vocal warm-ups! I need help back here!"
They chose the finest animators DeVry Institute could provide!
And now he's doing tai chi? The HELL?
"You know what? You're on your own here, I'm out..."
.oO(Maybe if we give the statues a computer virus...)
Whoops, shouldn't have had the volume turned up so high.
I agree. What the FUCK was up with that scene?
.oO(That's it, first chance I get, I'm dropping a big smelly present into his favorite sandals.)
Really? Then why do you keep Dorky Buddha around?
"Moonshee, you're supposed to be sparring with the comic minion, now get back here!"
Okay, even allowing for the G rating, doesn't she have better things to do around the palace besides picking flowers?
"You know, your brain is considered a delicacy in this country, you disease-ridden pest..."
Is Louis going to fall in love with Prince Chumbawumba now?
"What, you're saying my threat to have anyone who defeats me executed is making them hold back?"
"Besides, you're wearing a shirt!"
"Come on, I want you to kick me and beat me and spank me like a naughty boy..."
*sigh* "I know, I know, to the chopping block."
"Oh all right, then I'll get my lucky hook to rip out your lucky entrails and hang them on the lucky gate posts!"
Hey, self-cleaning blood!
Is that really a good place to be leaving your plot device?
"Yeah, it was like, fifty big men, all at the same time. There was nothing I could do."
"Please, call me Chattanooga."
Good, now say it together, naturally.
"I can't, your lack of nipples disturbs me."
"Well, you lied to me, so I REALLY hate you now."
Yeah, I think you've mentioned that already.
"Look, there's nothing in the law that says we can't be fuckbuddies..."
o/...I have dreamed that your boobs are fiiiiiiirm...o/
"Prince singing to servant girl is forbidden too, you know."
"Nice try, but I can tell it's a vocal double."
"I just remembered, I have flowers to arrange. Buh-bye!"
"Come on, you can't possibly be saying no to THIS!"
"Okay, if I let you sex me, will you stop singing?"
Random over-dramatic gesticulating must run in his family.
.oO(I like vanilla.)
"Yeah, that's nice. SECURITY!!"
"Sorry, I just had to sing over here for some reason."
Singing Starlet Pose #5: Leaning Against A Rail
.oO(You know, I like vanilla too.)
o/...I have dreamed an incongruously Western wedding...o/
I heard a disgruntled animator drew a phallus in here somewhere...
I have dreamed about going to work naked and not being prepared for a test I'm supposed to take, but you don't here me waxing melodic about it.
So, is this that castle on a cloud Cosette was singing about?
Damn, the fairies from Thumbelina didn't throw this fruity of a wedding!
Huge clouds of smoke, and a giant poppy. You do the math.
Frankly, I think weddings are too ostentatious these days. It should be about the love, not the sparkle-throwing children flying on storks and the boats that metamorphose out of giant flowers!
Hey, she's a ventriloquist!
--sharing hallucinatory romance with yoooooou...o/
I notice the whole "forbidden love" thing didn't keep them from singing a huge duet on top of a bridge in plain sight on the palace grounds...
Don't walk around a bush again; she could get lost for weeks...
"Um, thanks, but do you have something, you know, a little smaller, and less likely to get me strung up in a dungeon by my toenails?"
"It's only the most distinctive necklace in the entire kingdom; who's going to know?"
"Did you hear that? Sounded like an evil plot being hatched..."
"Also I saw the fat guy with the tooth fetish crashing through the bushes. He's kind of hard to miss."
"Two and a Half Men is canceled for the rest of the season."
"I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque..."
On the whole, not one of Danny deVito's more distinguished roles.
Oh sure, PETA protests the circus, but THIS is okay?
"Sorry, hemorrhoid--what were you saying?"
Subliminal Nikelodeon ad!

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